Friday, 8 February 2013

How Can I Recover Deleted Photos From My Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the finest smartphones from Samsung that redefines every moment with its 8MP high defintion camera and illuminated sensors adding glow to the same. The smartphone has even got a high defintion video recording feature as well. If you have deleted or formatted pictures or a whole folder full of images from the camera's external storage, no need to panic at all if you dont' have a backup of the same with you. 


How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S2 when it is deleted completely?

This is because any data such as your photo remains there in the external storage drive even after you have formatted the media or accidentally pushed a wrong button to wipe the snaps off. A memory card, SD card works in the similar fashion as the hard drive and deletes file pointer only after formatting but holds back the pictures. If you had a backup of your photos, then there would be no problem in restoration. But as this post intends to help those Galaxy users who can't help themselves in this situation, therefore the best thing is downloading and using Photo recovery software.

Photo recovery software – It will help for sure!!

Photo recovery software is a simple but technically advanced data recovery applications available in two variants for Mac and Windows users respectively. One can download it and use it to restore pictures from Samsung Galaxy S2 or any other android smartphones with ease. Besides this, it can be used for perform recovery of pictures from a range of different media drives, laptops, network drives, external drives. It can revive 120+ different picture, video and music formats very easily.

So, what are you waiting for, download this all round application and get back your pictures straightaway back in your Samsung Galaxy S2.


STEP 1: After downloading, launch the tool. Click on "Recover Photo, Audio and Video" button. Plug in your Samsung Galaxy S2.

STEP 2: The next interface shows a list of logical drives it detects including that of the card in your smartphone. Choose the drive from which recovery is to be performed and click Scan Now button.

STEP 3: There is an advanced Scan option as well. It gives you options such as selective recovery. This interface shows list of different videos, audio and photo file formats. Check mark against those that you want to recover and then click Scan Now.

STEP 4: Photo recovery software provides a simultaneous view of the pictures or data being scanned. After the scan, a complete list of what is available on the drive is previewed to you. Choose the files you want to restore and click Recover.

STEP 5: After that, the tool will ask you to save the files. Specify a destination and then click Recover again.


  1. Nice post & analysis!

    Can I just say, a brilliant alternative to this method would be a tool called SmartPhone Recovery Pro.

    I was using the iOS version for my iPhone 3GS, but there is also a version for Android devices (Samsungs).

    Check it out for yourself, it is very useful!